No boardroom is complete without the GIZGO POD WiFi

The portable, multi-faceted digital media player that cleverly combines call functioning with smartphone charging.


Save time and hassle preparing for meetings by being able to effortlessly upload digital content from your PC or smartphone; such as greetings, WiFi passwords, agendas, videos, RSS feeds, travel news updates as well as what’s on the menu!

The touchscreen capability enables easy viewing of all the content held on the GIZGO POD WiFi. During meetings, the essential call button will alert staff for assistance without interrupting the flow of the event.

Your staff can receive alerts anywhere in the building and through any mobile device and attend promptly when called. The heavy duty Samsung battery can fully charge 14-15 smartphones from flat on one full charge.

Available with single and double sided screens

Type C Cable
2.0A USB
DC Socket
iPhone 5,6,7,8,X
2 in 1 Cable

Customisable weather, Twitter,
Facebook and Stock feeds


  • Save paper and replace static posters with live up-to-date digital content
  • Engage your clients and share your company culture in different ways
  • Stay modern and show clients you are in tune with the latest tech
  • Let clients and guests learn more about your company's latest achievements in waiting areas
  • Stay relevant and add value to your business with digital signage
  • Improve staff productivity - reception no longer wastes time 'fetching and carrying' client's devices
  • Optimise clients' meeting experience - they appreciate being able to keep their devices with them whilst charging with the table top GIZGO POD WiFi

Call button to summons staff from the comfort of the meeting room

Let's get down to business.

The GIZGO POD WiFi gives you everything you need from scheduling content on its calendar feature to customising weather,Twitter, RSS Stock feeds and much more.

  • Rich user interface
  • Single application & centrally managed
  • Powered by Adobe© Flex & Adobe Integrated Runtime
  • Visual timelines
  • Web embedded player
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Background music player
  • SDK and Flash interface support
  • Colour themes
  • Supports all flash formats HD video, SWF, JPG, MP3
  • Customisable weather, Twitter, Facebook and Stock feeds
  • Kiosk mode for clients to interact through menus
  • Schedule content days, months in advance
  • Live web preview
  • Scene editor & animator
  • Advertising engine
  • Multi user management control
  • Web and desktop management studio
  • HTML component
  • RSS and MRSS support Visual timelines
  • Manage from mobile devices
  • Screen division layering and transparency
  • Catalog database engine
  • Library of resources and scenes
  • Access control Lists
  • Mask library


GIZGO Signage Player is available as both Web and Desktop apps. The simple to use drag and drop interface allows you to manage all your files - RSS, news, weather, stock tickers, live TV, advertisements, scenes, kiosk modules, catalogs, music play lists and more. Create campaigns - a collection of visual timelines and assign those campaigns to one or more specific GIZGO PODs.


Your remote players are easily managed with live snapshots, software updates and remote commands. The digital interface you've been waiting for is finally here.

Features within GIZGO Signage Player

Unique dashboard login


General Product Information

Colour(s) Black or White
Display 7 inch screen Built in NAND Flash 8G Display Time for 56~60 Hours
Screen Resolution 600x1024 Pixels
Power Capacity Samsung lithium ion cells with 40200mAh/201Wh
Input DC12V/2A h
Output 5V/Max 8 (2 X 2A per USB Port
+ 1 x 2A Micro USB/iPhone Cable
+ 1 x 2A Type Cable)
Over Charge Voltage Protection4.2V ± 0.025V
Over Current Protection9.0 ± 0.1
Short-Circuit Protection Yes

Shell Material Fire-resistant ABS
Certification FCC CE and RoHS
Warranty 12 months from date of delivery
Security Anti-theft lock or Security Lanyard Cable (available as an option)

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