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on: October 24th, 2016 by: admin

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Have hoteliers noticed that their guests are turning up with more devices over their smartphones and laptops?

Does recharging my phone require me to scrabble around on the floor unplugging lights, or worse, finding a power socket lurking behind the television?What every traveler needs is a pair of electrical sockets located at navel level somewhere obvious, and if you don’t mind, make it one of those intelligent sockets designed to accept any plug. Let’s have another socket close to the bedside table, and throw in a couple of USB charging ports.

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Searching a hotel room to find enough power outlets is a pain. If you do not have enough power outlets today, make sure you find a solution. Having some USB Ports beside the bedside in our opinion is very welcoming to your guests, showing that you care for their smartphone charging needs. If you are still trying to find a solution,  we have a perfect, plug and play solution that features a TWIN USB Bluetooth alarm clock for your hotel.

We offer a 1-week trial at no obligation. Make a lasting impression with your guests, inquire about our GIZGO alarm clock today.

Simply send us a request by email at or Contact Us to arrange a free no obligation free trial.

Please feel free to download the specsheet below for your review.

X1 Pro Specsheet Download


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GIZGO Twin USB Alarm Clock

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